Estonian buttons

I went to Estonia in summer 2006 and came home with two dozen beautifully playful and colourful soviet-era buttons. Made in Estonia by the Norma factory in the 1970's and 1980's (calling it "Made in USSR") and sold for 30 kopecks (large) or 11 kopecks (small), these are great looking and really fun to wear. There are many hundreds of these, but these are the ones I could find cheaply (5 EEK a piece) and appealed to my taste. The Estonians are an odd but cool bunch, they also happened to produce the best looking plastic shopping bags of the Soviet Union.

Aün Kehakultuurikollektiivide Suvespartakiaad

Tallinn 80

TU-144, the "Soviet Concorde"


Ну, погоди! ("Nu, pagadi!" – Russian cartoon series)

V-12. This is actually the largest helicopter ever built, better known as the Mil Mi-12.

A frill-necked lizard, for some reason.

Tallinn 1975

Волгодонск•Атоммаш ("Volgodonsk Atommash", apparently a large machine building plant for the atomic industry.)


Донор Звучит Гордо

Suitsetamisele Ei (Say no to smoking)