Major hobby of mine. This page is a dump location for all sorts of graphic design, typography and lay-out projects I've done over the past few years. Little to no regard for quality here, like I said it's a graveyard.

Front and back of a flyer I designed for AEGEE-Delft's 2006 Summer University campaign. Printed in a run of 5000 copies and distributed among the Delft student community.

A poster I designed for AEGEE-Delft's 2005 OWee (student's introduction week) campaign.

Coursework for Visual Communication Design, May 2006. An A0 format poster to advertise the Channel Tunnel.

Windmills and Thrills

This one is for AEGEE-Groningen's Summer University 2005, titled "Windmills and Thrills". Unfortunately it wasn't used because some people found it offensive.

A graphic I made for my student association's newspaper. AEGEE is a European-oriented student's network, which explains the choice for the traditional Dutch "Own Hearth is Worth Gold" tile.

Two covers I made for two design reports. The first cover is for the concept report, the second one for the presentational one. The first is A4, the second one landscape A3, so the image of the city is actually the same size in both versions. Teacher gave me flak for focusing too much on the cover.

Title page for a design report, also never used.

I used this image of a derelict Dresden apartment block with the roof text "Dresden grüßt seine Gäste" in various projects. The vector file was captured from a photo I took in the summer of 2002. What you see here served as a placeholder for my domain in early 2004.

Photo trace.

Another photo trace, of a train in Tirgu Mures, Romania.

Technical illustration for my website, a Sverdlovsk-4 light meter that I measured up with a caliper, then drafted in a CAD suite and exported to a vector format.

Portrait of a captured Saddam Hussein. I traced this one with a drawing tablet from a black and white photocopy as an experiment to see if I could work with a tablet.

Attempt at a full-page poster. Free theme, loosely based on "rain". Intended to be somewhat in the style of Nando Costa.

Technical illustration of the Quarz DS-8 super-8mm film camera.

Technical illustration of a Lubitel-2 shutter.

Stylized depiction of two water kettles I designed in 2003.


Graphic used on my old camera website to notify a change of address, February 2004.