"Vitality device"

For the Integral Design Project, the large, six-month multidisciplinary design project at the end of the master, our team of five got the assignment to design an innovative "vitality device" for Philips.

Because the assignment was very open, we ended up traversing a very large part of the product development stage. We started off conducting user research, to find an answer to the questions of "what is vitality", and "how can vitality be enhanced?" From that, we defined search fields and opportunities. Then came the research phase, during which we held idea sessions to find applications for our newfound knowledge. Finally we had a killer idea, focused on it, and didn't leave our cubicle until it was done. (This meant: getting the strategics and marketing right, designing the interface, building a prototype, writing a report, and making a leaflet in Philips style.) Then we did more user testing, a final feedback round, and eventually the presentation at Philips.

Our efforts were a giant success: the university gave us a 9, Philips really warmed to the product, and we ourselves were very satisfied with the results. It looks like Philips may take it into production.

Unfortunately I'm sworn to secrecy for some time about what exactly the product is and does, because it's still confidential. So keep this page bookmarked...